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Monia Rossi discusses Blind Existence’s debut EP “Hurricane” (Lion Music 2016) and life after her previous band Farther Paint.

1. Please tell me about the split up of your previous band Farther Paint and why you formed a new band with a different name.

At that moment we thought that It was the best decision because we felt the need to take a different road and when, after several years we found ourselves, It seemed right to start with a new project and a new identity.

2. How would you like to describe the differences between Farther Paint and Blind Existence.

There aren't so many differences, maybe because the core of the composing is still made up of Francesco Federici e Gabriele Manocchi.Blind Existence are the natural consequence of our past and the EP is the link between the two identities.

3. Can you tell me something specific about each of the songs on your new EP ? (track by track)

1. "All I've Left Behind" has an electronic intro created first of all by keyboards and then by the other instruments. In this first part we wanted to show the main musical themes that come back even later but with the aim to sustain and give value to the voice and give the impression of a constant evolution, intensity and the exchange between the instruments. The voice has been created to make softer the whole instrumental idea and to create a  vivid contrast between melody and technique.

2. "Hurricane". Even in this track electronic has the greatest part but we with the presence of the voice and the real instruments, we have reached a powerful balance. Keyboards and guitar move very close in a deep interaction while the voice has the function to put together the harmonic and rhythmic elements.

3. "Strangers" is a very reflexive piece based on the melody of the voice and the guitar. In the verses we wanted to convey an intimate atmosphere and a unique ambient, while in the refrain we have introduced a strong change, more aggressive. We like very much to create parts that take the audience by surprise.

4. "You confuse me". This song has been thought to give the right space to the voice, the predominant element of the composing of the structure, even if there are "heavy" riff.

4. What kind of equipment did you use for recording the album? And can you tell me something else about the process?

We use Pro Tools, Digidesign audio interface, Korg keyboards, Music Man guitar, Lakland Bass, Tama drums and sE electronics for the voice.
First of all we record the basic musical idea with guitar and keyboards, then we add bass and drum, later we work on the arrangement and in the end we record the vocal lines.

5. How would you describe the lyrical content of theses songs?

Lyrics are centered as usual on feelings and on the various aspects of human relationships, common moments of the lives of each one of us.

6. Are you planning to tour?

Currently all our energies are focused on the success of the album that will be released in July, but certainly performing live is one of our priorities.

7. What goal did you have with making this EP and your coming album?

We think that our goal is common to the majority of musicians, share our vision of the music and play it all over the world :)

8. How do you feel about the music and the business side of things of today?

The business side is ruining the quality of the music. We live in a world where everything has to be easily consumed and replaced and this applies even for the music, you have to reach immediately the consumer and not the listener, that means that you have to create just the most attractive piece, leaving out the refinement of composing and many others aspects.

9. What bands would you say have a sounds and style that is somewhat close to what you do?

It's very difficult to identify someone so close to us, maybe because even if we are inspired by different famous band like Dream Theater, Slipknot, Ark, Gentle Giant and many others, we try to show our point of view in what we write.

10. What are your influences, both now and while growing up?

We are influenced by everything around us especially by the artists that have brought innovation not only in the way of playing but even in the way of thinking and observing the world.

11. In what way would you say your new EP and aso you as an artist differs from everything else that is out there?

We don't know if we are so different from the other artists but joining all our heterogeneous musical backgrounds in our songs, could be the right way to create something new.

12. Would you label Blind Existence as progressive metal or?

We don't like so much labels because we believe that give too much limits to the music, but anyway metal progressive comes over our way of making music.

13. Are you also involved in any other musical projects besides Blind Existence?

No, all our attention and energy are pointed towards to this unique project.

14. How do you think that music will survive this new "everything for free" world that we seem to be living in?

Music will always survive especially the good one and until It can be performed live and the bands can enter in direct contact with the audience, It will occupies the place that it deserves.