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Michael Harris discusses his new album "Orchestrate II - Rage & Restraint"


your new album is your best album ever, agree or disagree?

Well it’s difficult to pick favorites, but I do feel “Orchestrate II” represents for me a new level of composition, arranging, and orchestration.

last time you tried a bit of fusion, where are you most at home, in the world of fusion or neoclassical or progressive?

They’re all challenging in different ways, but what I envision doing next is a more stripped down style of material that leans towards prog, fusion, & groove, and lends itself to live performance.

have you performed any of this new exciting music on stage yet? is it even financially doable to tour with this album?

I haven’t, but I plan to this year, at least on a small scale, using backing tracks. As far as using a full orchestra, “Symphonic Cinema” is getting popular, for which there is a band, orchestra, and large screen with visuals. I’m presently looking for an investor for this, while in the meantime moving onto another recording project.

how long did it take to record this album?

I chipped away at it when I had time between other records, but I’d say it was the equivalent of a couple years of hard work.

do you agree that the market for instrumental guitar music is over saturated with too many players and a very small audience?

Sadly, that’s probably true. Obviously, much respect goes out to all the musicians of any genre who are creating & recording music for the ART. But geez, a little MONEY would be nice.

what are your main interests besides music?

Sports, movies, & chicks!



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