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Red Hot Legato  (lion Music, 2017)

Your new excellent solo album "Dream Catch" is your second solo album I believe? How come it too so many years and what have you been up to since releasing "Pictures of a Dream" ?

How long did it take to record "Dream Catch"?

Do you have any plans to perform live with this music?

  Do you have any specific goals you want to achieve with this album?

 Who were your main influences when growing up and now?

What about the band Mindsplit? Was this just a studio project or do you plan to do any touring?

What kind of guitars and amps do you use and how about your pedal board?

How do you see the music business of today with disappearing CD sales and everything focusing on streaming?

Is it true that there are too many artists and not enough music fans for lesser known artists?

Please feel free to add whatever you like....