Korzo – Inspire

Korzo is probably the only band I have even hear from Ukraine. Their music is a bit hard to put a label on, but I would like to think of their music as modern prog rock with a unique twist of their own. In a way the album feels both modern and 70-ies like at the same time:-) I think if you love the Beatles' Abbey Road then you could probably fall in love with "Inspire". The album is well produced and it’s a pleasure to listen to the songs that make up ”Inspire”. Jacob Moses' vocals are a pleasure to listen to and all the songs are really well balanced. You can easily hear that these guys are great musicians but always keep away from showing off.

It’s hard to find a favorite track as they are all a bit different but the ballad ”in the End” and ”Spark” are really cool and the closing track ”Odyssey” with a very cool bass riff also grabbed my attention. I want to hear more for this band!


Andy Carey 2019