Michael Harris - Orchestrate II

13 Years after "Orchestrate" Michael is back with the sequel "Orchestrate II - Rage and Restraint" . The first one has been considered by many to be Michael's finest hour but I dare to say that this new disc is even better! The heavy orchestrated music is all very well arranged and while Michael is a true guitar virtuoso he never falls into the trap of showing off. Michael proves once again that he is a great composer. While the music could be described as neoclassical progressive rock there is also a very powerful cinematic feel to it. The music breathes life and happiness in a way that makes you feel good listening to it. I have a feeling that every note on this album was composed and that none of the guitar parts are improvised so there are no solos just to show off to be found anywhere on this fantastic album. While the majority of Michael's guitar parts are electric there are also a few very nice acoustic parts here and there adding a nice balance on this disc you just don't want to stop repeating! Highly recommended!


Andy Carey 2019