YUVAL RON - Somewhere in this Universe, Someone Hits a Drum.

This is a (mostly) instrumental prog/fusion release with a cinematic feel built around Yuval’s wonderful legato guitar playing backed up by some really wonderful bass playing courtesy of Roberto Badoglio, the amazing drumming of Marco Minnerman and some tasteful keyboards from Matt Paull. It took me some time to get into this album, mostly because I didn’t really appreciate parts of the first track but from track 2 on I was hooked. You can easily hear the influence of Allan Holdsworth on Yuval’s guitar playing so it was no surprise to me that the whole album was dedicated to the master. I found the compostions and the harmonic landscape a lot more accessible than some of Allan's music and there is plenty of space for all four musicians on this release to shine. The album is recorded and mixed very well with lots of tasteful delay effects filling out the sonic landscape.

Standout tracks include ”The Discovery of Phoebe” with some outstanding bass playing from Roberto and the second track ”Gravitational Lensing”. This album is highly recommended!


Andy Carey 2019