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1. Please tell me about what you have been up to since releasing your previous album.
First of all, hello to everyone! As band and as private life we did a lot of things, we lived our lives, we played, even in exceptional locations. Talking about the new album we worked hard on composing research. Of the previous album we were satisfied, the songs were good and went pretty well, but we like evolution, for us have no sense to make equal albums to each other (Beppe)

2. How would you like to describe your new excellent album?
Thanks for "the excellent"! Hard question!!! I would use these words: Emotion, Sound, Energy, Compact technique, less dispersive and cleaner. But the emotional level and the power are the same. At least ... that's what we feel and that we hope will also feel our listeners ☺ (Beppe)

3. Can you tell me something specific about each of the songs on the album? (track by track)
Then, Panic Room, it is born like passage that wants to face initially the fear of having a confrontation and of living in a world for which one is never suitable and for what something always asks more, the Panic describes exactly those that are the panic attacks, but more precisely the room is meant like the physical body of the person.

A-Matrix, the matrix of the beginning. Dedicated principally to the rebuilding leaving from zero and in the specific thing dedicated to the tragedy of the earthquake of Amatrice in Italy, on I never spur  one not to lose the stimulus for the brotherliness and the solidarity.

Cars, synthetically dedicated to the first possessed car and to the great change that it creates in the life of each man, or woman, but spiritually dedicated to the journey meant like the journey of the life.
Phoenix, up to too evident and direct to include in the headline the synthesis of  the Rebirth, described in the passage as the strength of the will that it pushes not to wait for helps of anybody but of must count on the own forces to invent a new existence.

Thrilling Countdown...The Wait!

27 It seems quite evident that a great deal of our efforts are tied in the magic world of the formula One, in the first disk we have honoured the memory of Ayrton Senna,  in this second the great love for Ferrari inevitable for each Italian, the carrying out of the dream of a man called Enzo and the number of the most spectacular pilot as ever: Gilles Villeneuve. By the way, this year is the 70th anniversary of Ferrari's birth

Eclipse after the great success, the refusal of compromises and of short cuts, the drug meant like the doping and the woman as the temptation, the refusal and the wish to continue on a road that is clean.
The Temple dedicated to the Motor-racing circuit of Monza, defined The Temple Of the Speed, but meant how the ascension to the glorification of the victory that it remains immortal. (Aldo)

4. What kind of equipment did you use for recording the album? And can you tell me something else about the process?
In recent years the work process has changed completely. 20 years ago I’d record the guitar riffs on a tape recorder, to remind me of them. We went in the rehearsal room and worked hours and hours together. Today we are all more or less equipped to work individually. I personally record the riffs in my DAW and have more time to work on the idea until I reach what I want. We upload files on a common server and each of us starts working from anywhere. I bring Pc, sound card and guitar even during holidays, and the technical conditions are always the same. This is a great thing!!
Then when we have a basic idea of the song we start to try together until we reach the band's completeness. I read an interview with Sixx.AM and they also use the same procedure. But keeping the live band as a fundamental aspect, we're a Rock Band! For this work we have given our parts to Chris Sheldon. We worked with him for a long time. The choices of the sounds, levels, ambients, and the overall taste sound, has been all her own. Just as for Mastering with John Webber. This time we have decided to entrust these things to more experienced people. In the past, we always wanted to interact, but sometimes it is fair to see things from outside, from those who have a lot more experience of us, and songs they've worked on have made the history of music. I think Chris and John are genius and magicians of sound!!! (Beppe)

5. Would you say that this is a concept album, and if yes, what is the subject?
In substance, how the Alchemists were doing in the past everything can have diverged readings, the simpler and  swift one, the more arcane and spiritual one. The diffuse idea was that they were changing the vulgar Lead in the noblest Gold, materially, but in the reality the Lead was only the rough Spirit, while Gold  the Ascended Spirit. Then itself, a conductive thread exists not only between the passages but also between the albums, and I do not hide that are already the bases for the carrying out of a third chapter. (Aldo)

6. Are you also performing live with this or other bands frequently?
Each of us has other situations in which do session-man or plays in cover bands. We also use to play in jam sessions for improvise, and this is important to keep alive the spirit of rock and blues. But the fundamental band for us is absolutely The Rock Alchemist (Beppe)

7. What goal did you have with making your new album?
The production level is very high. Then the compactness, the maturity, and the ability to make things difficult, to listen in a simple way. We think it's a leap forward for our band. For the way that we have focused for ourselves (Beppe)

8. How do you feel about the music and the business side of things of today?
Discography is a complicated world .... It's hard to understand what can be a hit or not,  or whether an album can be sold or not. We try to make music that has roots, but with a modern sound, focusing on quality. The music business has changed since the 80's, but it also changed compared to 10-20 years ago when everybody downloaded entire discographies for free. This has destroyed so many things: It is unthinkable to do quality productions with zero return. Fortunately I think the market is slowly recovering, there are still those who love music and buy CDs or digital. The Independent Label is winning on the Majors in terms of quality , Adele is an example. And we are lucky enough to be able to work with an historic label of quality as the great Lion Music! (Beppe)

9. What bands would you say have a sounds and style that is somewhat close to what you do?
Difficult question !! I honestly do not know, every listener perceives us differently, I think it is a wonderful and amazing thing (Beppe)

10. What are your influences, both now and while growing up?
For guitar my idols are so many, from Randy Rhoads to, Tony Iommi. Jason Becker, Steve Vai, Malmsteen, Zakk Wylde, Gary Moore, B B King, Criss Oliva, but I also listen to classical and electronic music; Aldo instead from Robert Plant to David Bowie to so many others. Each of us 5 ranges from classic, blues to metal to fusion, also trying to find new artists to listen (Beppe)

11. In what way would you say your new album and also you as a musician differs from everything else that is out there?
Ahahaha, I do not know .... the only thing I can say is that we try to give the best of ourselves, both in writing and in live (Beppe)

12. Don't you think that the progressive market is over saturated these days compared to, say 10-15 years ago?
Obviously, the more the world go ahead with time and  more it is difficult to create new songs and new styles, today more than ever. But for good music there is always space and future, independently from musical genres (Beppe)

13. How much do you rehearse per day or per week?
Years ago .. hours, hours, hours.  Now… depends on the period (Beppe)

14. How do you think that music will survive this new "everything for free" world that we seem to be living in?
As I said before: Many people think that music should be free and for everyone but it is unthinkable to do high quality productions with zero return. The pirated download has led to this. Many people say: “ Now it's easier to get to know your music because everyone can listen to you on the web! “…. In reality, it is not true, now there is a lot of material, but a listener can not easily understand what's new and good. Streaming as Spotify has, however, reduced the pirated download.
We still go on, the same, we believe in music and those who love it! (Beppe)

15. Any other future plans or anything else you wish to add?
For the future We still do not know, we hope we can get some surprises .. projects that we are working on for a long time. We want to thank all the people who have worked and believed in us, all people who follow us and You for the interview

Aldo Garrone – Voice
Beppe Geracitano – Guitars
Dave “Key” Grandieri – Keyboards
Raoul Ronco – Bass
Max Gordiani – Drums

Production credits
Produced By Frenk S.C.
Mixed By Chris Sheldon
Mastered By John Webber
Cover Artwork by Victor Zastolskiy