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Kévin of SEYMINHOL discusses theire new excellent album Ophelian Fields with Andy Carey of Prog Pulse.

1.    Please tell me a little bit about your new excellent album ”Ophelian Fields"

Ophelian Fields is the rest of the “Wayward son” album. It is based on Hamlet of Shakespeare but he is more different because we speak about the character of Ophelia. It’s the lover of Hamlet, a kind of lunar figure that appears as a sensitive person. I wanted to work about it and to propose a new vision of the tragedy. I think the music and all the colors of our universe will be perceived like an evolution.

2.    Please describe this album and your music for someone who don't know anything about you!

This album is a perfect mixture of all our influences: hard-rock, gothic rock, progressive metal, AOR, black metal and, of course, heavy metal. At the beginning, we play symphonic heavy metal with a touch of progressive music. “Ov asylum”, our third album, was more loud and powerful, a good mixture of tradition and overture. With “Wayward son” we recovered our roots and our manner to create our genuine style. The parts were created with a lot of symphonic atmospheres and the guitar was heavy-progressive. Now, “Ophelian Fields” is a new era for us. You can hear the true DNA of Seyminhol, all the seeds of our music but it’s really very progressive and modern.

3.    I know this is a hard question but anyway.  If you were forced to say that your album is for fans of  "X", which band would that be?

Of course it’s a hard question! And I think my answer will not good. It’s really difficult to reduce a style of one band. But, I can try to propose a name: Kamelot.  It’s often the group to which we are associated. And, I must recognize that I don’t know the discography of this crew!

4.    What was your goal with making this album?

Pleasure of course! And give pleasure to our fans. It was the possibility to open our minds and to accept the concept of evolution that we defend. The most important thing for us is the research of progress. I wouldn’t make always the same album. It will be the end of our creativity. 

5.    Please tell me something short about each song on the album

Oh! To be honest, it’s just the desire to propose a female vision of the tragedy of Hamlet. Each song of this album is based on the play. I wanted to create a kind of mirror to observe the depth of the human soul. It’s a manner to engrave the concept on a new approach. You can hear some words of the tragedy and the lyrics are very symbolic and metaphoric. I use the sense of the History, the marrow of the philosophy and the concept of inner emotion to create some words. You can find the question of love, death, fear, hope, revenge and more in this album. I wanted to understand Hamlet and his quest by the eyes of Ophelia.

6.    Please tell me (for all the musicians who I know are curious as hell) what equipment you used to record this album:

It’s our hell’s kitchen! We use a strange equipment inside our home studio. I cannot say more! It’s our secret weapon… But, concerning our instruments, we work with Dugain, Mark Bass, Spector, Skull strings and David Laboga.

7.    How long did it take to record this album?

One year to create all the music, the concept and the musical arrangements and one year to record it, mix it and realize a good mastering.

8.    In what way do you think your album is different from all the other progressive metal releases out there?

Firstly, we are French and it’s clearly the greatest obstacle. Secondly, when you have realized that, I think you will find a great interest for the atmosphere of Seyminhol. We like a lot of styles and all these influences can be feeling in our creations. The force of the words behind the music can be another track to accept our universe. We don’t make progressive music with a lot of technicity and soli. We prefer the emotion, the symbols, the images and a different pallet of colors.

9.    How important do you think your lyrics are compared to the music?

As for me, it’s the same vibration, the same union and the link that offer to your ears another level of understanding. The music and the words are complementary. 

10.    Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?

I hope in the same place. I like my “way of life” with the music and my passion for the History and for the literature. Maybe I’ll make music with my children. Well, seize the day.

11.    Will you tour to promote your new album?

Yes, but we will make some chosen concerts and few fest.

12.    What are your future plans?

Now, I want to promote our new album. I’d like to create too another video-clip of an old song taken of our first album “Northern Recital”. It will be for the anniversary of the band. And, of course, I have an idea for the next opus. I’m really excited to work on it.

13.    Do you think that music will survive the current "everything for free" mentality and do you think that people in general care?

I think this proposition is a mirage. You work on a project, you must obtain a gain. It’s a normal thing. The music, the creation and this kind of “noble art” cannot be a disposable and exchangeable product. “Everything for free” is just a pile of shit destroying the investment of the artist. The consumer society is based on a bad deal : we must place the creator at the center of  the business.