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No Gravity : Worlds in Collission

Please tell me a little bit about your musical background, your main influences and what you have been doing prior to you last (fourth) release.

First of all, hello to all the readers.
Before "Personalities", in the last ten years, I released nine worldwide distribution works with the Finnish Lion Music, solo albums, Progressive Metal projects and works done with my past band, Moonlight Comedy. In the meantime I have taught, and still teach music, collaborate with some journal and web magazine to publish musical articles and tutorial videos.
My musical influences are J. Satriani, John Petrucci and Dream Theater, Greg Howe, Gutrie Govan and many others.

Do you think your solo albums helped you get your current gig .

Last tour, as well as the one that is beginning, sees me involved in a very important Italian musical project, the "Rezophonic"; founded by Mario Riso (one of the most important Italian drummers) involve a lot of international and Italian big artists, people like Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil.
My personal discography point me out to Mario Riso, so I was involved in this reality.

Please explain to us non Italians who your boss is and how famous and popular he really is in Italy.

As I told you, I'm a member of Mario Riso's Rezophonic. Rezophonic are a musical/humanitarian project, musical because we play music, humanitarian because part of the tour and albums gains flow into a gathering of funds to bring water in Africa. I can tell you that nowadays Rezophonic have contributed to build 158 water well, 3 school and 20 cisterns.

Please tell me what equipment you use on the road and in the studio.

Not for be a “good” endorser, but in studio and on the road I use only the equipment I proudly sponsor: ESP Guitars, Blackstar Amps, InTune Guitar Pics and FT Elettonica (finest handmade pedals).

Are you able to make a living out of music alone?

Yes, uniting all my activities. As I told you before, in addition to have a life on stage, I'm the artistic director of a big music centre  "Industrie Sonore" (, with school, practice rooms, recording studio.

Do you or do you plan to play your solo album material live

Unfortunately, "Personalities" remains a studio album: this release has coincided with my entry in Rezophonic, with which I have been on road for a year, so I put aside my solo career. With the next album, I'll try to play live the more possible also proposing "Personalities".

what about your previous bands Moonlight Comedy and No Gravity?

"No Gravity" was born exclusively as a studio project. Moonlight Comedy were my first real band, still I carry them in my heart. Together we released two works (The Life Inside - 2004 and Dorothy - 2007) albums that got great evaluations by the critics, so we could play many lives. The band split up five years ago for several personal and professional reasons.

Please tell me about growing up in a small city and the hardships of finding other people to play with.

The real question isn't to find good instrumentalists, by now they are everywhere, but find the right person with the right head, really hard to find. For this reason, except for the Moonlight Comedy period, my music partners are Mario Riso, who lives 600km from me, Dino Fiorenza (one of the best rock bass player here in Italy) 500 km, John Macaluso (ex Yngwie Malmsteen and James Labrie drummer). Nowadays I think I have found two great musicians with the right head in my neighborhood, and it's no coincidence that both are teaching in my school: Gianfranco De Lisi (bass) and Marco Aiello (drummer already present in other works).

What was your goal with making your last album?

Well, I think to have done a variegated work, even if remaining rock; from the many reviews, the email I receive from everywhere in the world, I think to have done a good work.

How do you feel about the guitar oriented music scene of today?

Nowadays it's possible to listen to anything, from kind of music to absurd guitar heroes. You can find everything you need, no doubt, some instrument exponents have increased so much the technical level.

Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?

I wish to grow beyond as artist and try to obtain well defined prefixed targets. I will do it... Anyway I still have a guitar in my hands.

In what way do you think your last solo album is different from all the other instrumental guitar albums that are out there?

Certainly "Personalities" is my wisest album, with a lot of good ideas and a great interpretation. I think to have reached a well defined sound, result of my own music evolution. The work was released in 2013 by Lion Music in 27 nations, really a satisfaction to feel fans' impressions all over the world.

How much time to you spend practicing and rehearsing music per day or week.

Today it's not simple for me to plan per day or week the time I dedicate to the music, because the commitments are so many and more than be a musician I'm father of two children too. Anyway, I always try to dedicate at least three hour per day for my personal things: study, compose, train. I'm not the kind of person who spend a lot of time in the practice room: with a view to a live, I prefer that every musician works his scores, then to organize a show by few rehearsals.

Do you think that music will survive the current "everything for free" mentality and do you think that people in general care?

Well I think the music will survive, but I don't know if the professionals too. Personally I don't share this conception: if you want I work for you, well I demand my cachet, both for a recording and a live. But for a guest on a work, for example, where you can stick down only a few scores, well... I'm happy to do it free.

What are your future plans?

In a little while we'll start with the Rezophonic tour, I'm curating the "Industrie Sonore" studios and think to begin writing the new material for a new solo album.
Now I want to say thanks and hello to all of you. Thanks to have given me this space and thanks to all the readers have spent their time with us.