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1. After three great albums you are now releasing an Anthology, which even though much of the material has been reworked can be seen as a "best of", does this mean the end of Vendetta?

Vendetta effectively finished in May of 2014 due to our guitarist Pete Thompson leaving. We thought of carrying on with another player but we decided the chemistry had been so good we wanted to leave it there and then. Our final gig was a belter and, from a personal point of view, I felt we werenít going to top ourselves. I suppose the album is a best of. I like to see it as a one stop shop for someone who hasnít checked out the band before. For the long term fan there are jazzed up versions of tracks and the live stuff. The songs Generation Kill, Bones to Dust, Plastic God, Red Skies, All Fall Down and Lost Cause all have new vocals and all the tracks from our Heretic Nation album have had extra guitars added to beef up the sound so I feel itís a good package.

2. The live tracks do sound very powerful, would you say that Vendetta is more at home in the studio or on stage?

Thatís a tricky one. I would say when we had a few gigs under our belt we weíre a very tight proposition live. As for the studio, we did the best we could for the time and the budget we had. I never felt we quite caught the power of our songs but you need more studio time to do that. In the end we covered both bases fairly well.

3. How would you like to describe Vendetta's style and what were your biggest influences earlier on vs later on?

I always said we were traditional heavy metal and by that I mean the type of metal and hard rock that was created up until the early 90ís. I donít feel our sound changed much over the time we were going. Essentially, we werenít trying to reinvent the wheel Ė we just wanted to write and play the style of songs that we liked as teenagers. I guess you would call it a metal midlife crisis, but one that was safer than buying a sports car or a motor bike!

4. Which song is the ultimate Vendetta track, and why?

I Executioner. It was easily our most popular song live and it contained all the elements that we and our fans enjoyed. Generation Kill and New Horizon were also much loved, along with our instrumental, Skaro. These songs were the back bone of our set whenever and wherever we played. On a personal note, I felt the track All Your Setting Suns was also very special. It was experimental in places and had a bit of a 90ís vibe, which was different from what we normally did.

5. It's almost ten years now since Vendetta was formed, when did you enjoyed it the most and why?

I enjoyed it the most in the period leading up to the release of our Heretic Nation album. In the months after that it was also excellent but then I became disillusioned. I had taken it as far as I could but couldnít commit to it at a higher level to take it further and we became stuck in one place. We had a little break around the summer of 2011 and that freshened us all up for the World Under Fire album but I think we were all aware that we werenít really going to achieve more things with the band in the long run.

6. Do you listen to any new bands in the same genre as Vendetta and if yes, what do you think of them?

Not anymore, if Iím honest. I love all the classic bands that built the genre we know and love but I donít find much new stuff to listen to these days. I have over 600 albums at home so Iím never short of music.

7.  Do you listen to music that is totally different from what you are doing with Vendetta, and if yes, please specify.

I love Abba! Sometimes I listen to the odd manufactured pop song, especially if itís got a great hook. I also really love the James Bond songs and soundtracks.

8. What is to be expected from you next?

Iím currently working on my final ever album with Gary Foalle and Ronnie Mclean (both ex Vendetta). Itís going to be a while before itís finished but it will see the light of day sometime in 2017. Why is it my last one? To be blunt it just takes too much time, money and effort these days. Iíve been part of/made six proper releases and this will be my seventh. On top of that I have overseen five compilation/reboots of material in the last four years (this includes the new Vendetta anthology). The world isnít crying out for more music from Edward Box so Iím going to enjoy myself and pursue other things.

9. Which part do you enjoy the most, writing, recording, singing or playing the guitar? and in what order.

Playing first, recording  second, writing third and singing last.

10. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I would love to see myself on a beach somewhere far way from England and massively wealthy, however I suspect I shall still be poor and teaching guitar and I will have probably relented on not making another album!! In truth I just hope Iím still alive and in good health. I think thatís the most we can ask for these days.

11. The music business is nothing what it used to be, how do you see the future of rock and metal?

Itís already happening but in the future I would say 90% of signed bands will still have day jobs/side professions and do music part time. The days of a record company funding you are long gone. Iím not sure how long the vinyl revival will last but I think revenue streams will come from many mediums but in small amounts. Rock and Metal will still be popular around the world but will stay on the scale it is now or perhaps a little lower. The giants (Priest, Sabbath, Maiden, Metallica etc) wonít be replaced and this will harm festivals and who headlines so revenue will be affected that way. Only four bands have appeared in the last 15 years who can headline the big festivals: Rammstein, Avenged Sevenfold, Slipknot and Muse so the maths donít look good for the future.

12. Are you also planning any new solo recordings?

No. Please feel free to shoot me if you hear that I am!

VENDETTA Discography (Lion Music)


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